And You're Just Gone?

November 18, 2010
By Katieg1 BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Katieg1 BRONZE, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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It was the worst day ever. It was April 20th 2006. It was a huge tragedy for my whole family. My grandpa was 56 and hasn’t had a job for awhile. One day he got a job interview. He was so happy! If only he didn’t go…

After school I went to my Daycare lady, Lisa’s, house like usual. Around 3:30 the phone rang and it was my step mom’s number. She usually doesn’t call to pick me up around 4:30.

“Maybe she got off early.” I said to myself. “LISA! IT’S ROBYNN!” I yelled

“I got it Katie” Lisa said while answering the phone. “Hello... Oh hi Robyn. Yes. Oh no. How’d it happen? Mhmm. Oh my gosh! Alright I won’t. Okay ill tell her. I’m sorry Robyn. Good bye.” Lisa said into the phone. “Katie. Get your stuff together. Robyn is coming to get you. Hurry.” Lisa said while looking into my eyes.

“Okay... I will” I said back while I headed off to get my back pack and look outside the window and wait for her to get there. Not much later did I see Robyn’s car. “Lisa! I’m leaving! See you tomorrow!” I yelled running out the door to Robyn’s car. When I got in the car i notice something about Robyn Something different. Her eyes were as read as a ripe tomato. I knew something was up.“What is going on?” I thought.

I decided not to ask till I got home. When we pulled up to my house my grandma’s car was sitting outside.

“Grandma’s here!” I yelled while I ran into my house. I looked into the living room and saw my dad sitting next to my grandma. “Hi grandma” I said as I walked over to her. When I bent down to give her a hug I saw a tear run down her face. “Are grandpa and grandma getting a divorce?” I thought. My dad moved so I could sit next to my grandma.

I sat there waiting for the news of the divorce.

“Grandpa pasted away this morning.” My dad said with a tear in his eye. I sat there for a second not getting what he was saying. I looked back at my grandma and realized: she was crying and then it hit me. I began to cry.

“We were going to go to Como Zoo this summer. We had so many things planned out for us to do and now he’s just… gone?” I thought to myself. I didn’t believe it. I wouldn’t believe it.

“How did this happen?” I whispered.

“Well you know how grandpa had a job interview this morning? Well during the interview they offered him the job and he gladly accepted it… They put him to work right away. During his first hour of work a heavy pallet of paper fell on his chest and he could barley breathe. He called the ambulance. He died on the way to the hospital.” My dad said bursting into tears. I joined in.

I had to accept that he was going to be gone forever. This was my worst day ever…

At the start of this story I didn’t know a lot about death. No one in my family that I was close to had died before my grandpa. It hurt a lot. This Death caused me to see that life didn’t last forever and it could be gone in the flash of your eyes… During this Experience I felt depressed… I was so close to my grandpa. He taught me so many things I will always remember… Now he’s gone. I learned that others do cry too. I never have seen my grandma or my dad cry before this. I learned that I love my family and I never want to lose them.

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My grandpa died.

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