The Thing on My Pole

November 18, 2010
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It was just a normal day at the campground. This happened the summer before 8th grade. My parents, my cousin, my sister, her friend and I, were all on vacation at a campground on Sturgeon Lake. We all decided to go fishing like we do on every vacation.
First I woke up and asked my dad “Can we go fishing?”
“Maybe later.” He replied. Then we had pancakes for breakfast. My dad said “we should go fishing.”
My sister started whining that there’s not enough room in the boat for all of us. So we decided to go in two groups. My sister her friend and my dad went fishing first. While they were fishing, my cousin, my mom and I were painting. That didn’t take long so we started to play a few games of Uno. When we were done playing Uno we watched a movie.
Finally my sister, her friend and my dad got back from fishing. They didn’t catch anything. I said “Now we can go right?”
My dad replied “No I’m starving” so we ate lunch. After lunch we played a few games of bean bags then, we packed a cooler. As I was packing the cooler I thought to myself “I wonder if I can catch a big fish like a musky or a walleye.” When I was done packing the cooler we told my mom “We’ll be back soon.”

While we were walking down the dock I told my cousin “I’m going to catch more fish than you!”
He said back “No you aren’t I’m going to.” Then we got into the boat, got our life jackets on and started the boat.
As we were going to the fishing spot where we get a lot of fish I told my dad “STOP! Let’s fish here today.
”He said “Ok let’s try here see if there’s any fish.” After we anchored the boat we baited our hooks and started fishing. A few hours went by and we caught 6 fish. Then my pole started jiggling. I screamed “Help its going to pull me in!”
My dad replied back “No it won’t it’s just weeds.” As I was reeling I saw a fish. My dad looked over my shoulder and said “that’s a bass.” When the fish finally got into boat it was bouncing around like a kid in a bouncy house. My dad got it in the live well just before it jumped out of the boat. After my dad got it in the live he told me and my cousin “That’s a walleye”

I told him “It weighed a ton and almost broke my pole.”
My cousin chuckled “It did not.” When we got back to the campground we weighed the walleye and it weighed 3.5 pounds and was 23 inches.

From this experience I learned how to fish better also that it might have been just luck that I caught a walleye. At the beginning of this experience I was really bored and tired. As the day went on and during me reeling in the walleye I was excited and nervous. As a result I wanted to fish more often.

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