Controlling Ambiance

November 17, 2010
By Kate2325 SILVER, Dalton, Minnesota
Kate2325 SILVER, Dalton, Minnesota
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Movies! Funny movies, touching movies, sad movies, serious movies, and movies that keep me on the edge of my seat. I love movies, and I’ve learned throughout the years that movies create moods. Moods for the settings of films reach out and affect the tone for the audience. The greatest examples of this are when I’m curled up on my couch with my movie date. During scary films, my date is my safe base that I can cling to, and chick flicks make me the center of attention. By watching a comedy, it becomes a fun and playful atmosphere for the two of us. When choosing a movie, I control the ambiance during a date by knowing what genre the film belongs to.
Closely Clinging Date: When I want to be held close, I know to choose a horror movie. This works every time for me, and should for anyone who is similar to me in the fact that I’m easily scared. I jump two feet in the air when a character surprises me from behind the fridge during a horror film, though I don’t make it a point to tell this to my date, because it’s usually apparent. This is also good for him because even if he’s freaking out over the film, it provides the perfect opportunity for my partner-in-crime to show me how valiant he is. This is usually done by warning me when a frightening scene is coming up, or by pulling me closer when I let out a squeal of fear. When I don’t want to see the grotesque acts during movies such as the Saw series, I have grown accustomed to turning my head into my companion’s shoulder. The outcome of this act, even though small, results in getting pulled closer to him. Even if my date won’t admit that the movie gets to him, I can tell by the way that I am being held. When my guy is scared, he holds me close, though stiffly. Being held closely is a sure result of watching a horror movie, even if it is slightly rigid.

Romantic Rendezvous: I usually also get held during romantic movies, aka “chick flicks,” but it’s different than during a scary movie. My date will gently wrap his arms around me and attempt to be attentive to me. These movies bring out my guy’s romantic side. Movies such as The Notebook or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days provide motivation for my admirer to make me feel special and loved the way women are in relationships portrayed in films. These movies open the opportunity to have my date eating out of the palm of my hand. My partner finds me to be far more interesting than the heart wrenching scene playing on the flat-screen and would rather focus his attention on me. During a romantic rendezvous, I usually ask for a back massage, and I always get one. It’s a plus for me and my date, because I get the knots worked out of my back while he has a reason to be distracted from the movie. This is why when I want to be the center of my man’s attention I choose to watch a chick flick.

Amusing, Relaxed Tryst: To keep dates interesting and relaxed, I sometimes decide on watching a comedy. These movies create an atmosphere where both my date and I can relax and forget about our busy lives. My favorite aspect of comedies is the variety that they come in! There are the romantic comedies, which often lean more towards a rendezvous experience, girly comedies such as She’s the Man, or there are boisterous comedies also known as slapsticks. When I don’t know my date very well, a slapstick is usually the best choice. Comedies that are usually easily agreed upon between myself and almost any date include films such as Happy Gilmore, Bruce Almighty, or even more classic, The Three Stooges. Movies such as these can shape a frame of mind that is set for a free-for-all when it comes to laughter. For example, when I start laughing over the movie and I accidentally snort, it can cause even more laughter to burst from the two of us. Laughter always lightens the mood, therefore watching a comedy is a good choice when I need to work on being comfortable around my date. A comedy allows an environment with no pressure to impress each other to develop. Comedies make it easy to let any walls of insecurity fall and allow me to be myself . If it’s this way for me, it’s probably similar for the one with me.

Knowing the effects of watching different genres of movies can be very helpful when I want to be in control of the atmosphere while on a date. I’m capable of controlling how close I get to my date, how much attention is directed towards me, and how relaxed we can be together. These aspects depend on three main, distinct genres of movies: horror, chick flicks, and comedy. Any movie affects the general ambiance for an audience, but it can be managed by the desires of the one choosing the film. I’m capable of having this control over the ambiance in my own living room, and I do.

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