October 25, 2010
By Jaberwock BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Jaberwock BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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So your just gonna walk by without saying anything? I’m in a game right now. I have to tell someone this. It’s in the manual. Opening is my weakness. The public must know! Your still here? HAH he slept there! Can you get up, we have an attendee coming. Where are you going and why was I not invited? I just like meeting people. What is with all the books? Holy crap your still here? Is that what I think it is? Hey what is your name? Hey HEY! You gonna share that? He is such a wanderer.

Holy **** where did you come from? HAHAHHAHAHA what are we laughing about? When I came back from the hospital everyone was calling me Alexandro… and I do not know why. Why is there a Pokemon on my door and who do I have to kill to remove it? U mad bro? What’s up with him? Calc is whats up, it be numerous and plentiful. You have not been by recently. Hey, what’cha guys doing? I’m consciously slowing down for you guys. I suck at this game. YOU CAN PLAY AS THE DUCK!!!??? That yours? I'm liking it. Nice to meet you, I'm his lackey. What’s my name? They call me Wakim. He just walked into the room and said my name. Hey remember that question from earlier? Yeah bro I’m pissed.

Isn’t this a COLLEGE!?!?!? No seriously Doug is mad Old School. HOLY HALO IS THAT A NES!?!??! Why only the first gen? It’s the only thing I know. Who was the chick? It was in my pants. Check your pockets. So what we raiding *** now? Stop playing Halo and get in that! If you don’t win come Monday I’m going to be sad. Your fan ruined everything. Is the elevator broken. I think he broke it. They should pay you for that. Great now were all ****ed…. Wait I don’t live here. I know I'm saying it wrong and I'm going to continue doing so. Dude this IS clean for me. It is suck a pain to clean out a distro. Dude I’ll kick you off my floor.
When it all comes down to it… GO THE **** HOME!

The author's comments:
I snuck into a dorm on campus; here are the results of that day's conversations.

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