How We All Have Changed

November 17, 2010
You use to say beautiful things to me. I was once an amazing child. I was your child. I brought light into your dark, desolate home. I stepped in with my quirky attitude when you and your family were fighting. I danced in rocker wear in your front yard with your girls with neighbors driving past, laughing and pointing, but i still danced with them. We shook our bums with our sequin hats shining in the sun and my guitar strings roaring as I strum like a barbarian. Do you remember those days? The days that I stood next to you, I defended you! I gave you every bit of love that I could ever give. Why do you act as if I was so horrible. Why do your kind words now twist into slanderous scores upon my ears, lashing out at me every chance they get at every mistake I make. Why must you criticize me for something that you, yourself, have done. Is it because I have found happiness in my mistakes? Is it because I enjoy the life I live while you wallow in a pit of self pity? Do you really wish to drowned in your own life as I at least fight to triumph in mine? I gave you strength, but you choose to deny that now. Go ahead and deny the beauty and joy I brought to not only you, but also your family. Drowned in your own tears for all I care, but I will not allow you to drag me down in a sea of self-affliction. I will never be brought down in a quick send of self hate.

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CharleeVan said...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 7:21 am
I do apologize for the mistake in the last line. I meant to say "quick sand" not quick send". Please overlook and forgive this trivial mistake.
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