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November 17, 2010
I walked briskly down the walkway, rushing past strangers, my bag bouncing against my legs. Missing the subway wasn’t an option since I was already late for school, but as I walked I couldn’t help but notice my surroundings and zone out a little bit. There weren’t that many trees in New York but by this particular sub way there was a park with a very small section of tress that were slowly taking off their dress of leaves. The wind was sharp but not unpleasantly so, not to me anyways. The air was mingled with the scent of hot dogs and freshly baked bread from the street vendors. I couldn’t help but smile. New York was so beautiful during the fall. I entered the stairwell that led to the subway and waited for it to come. As I stood tapping my foot, I impatiently stretched my neck and happened to catch sight of a girl waiting for the same subway as me a couple yards away. She caught my eye because of her long beautiful black hair. It rolled down her back all the way to her waist. As I looked closer though I noticed her features. She had a beautiful round face and a small slim nose, and large green eyes that peeked out from under long dainty eyelashes. She was small and very petite and her skin was almost pure white. She looked to be 24 or 25 years old. She held a man’s hand and it was almost comical looking at the pair. He was very tall making her look even shorter then she already was. The woman looked up at him and smiled then rested her head against his arm. I had never seen such a loving look in a person’s eye and he smiled softly, like he was the proudest man on earth to have such a woman. Suddenly I was broke out of my trance by the subway thundering to a stop in front of me. I looked over again at the woman and was surprised when she was looking back at me. Our eyes met and for a moment everything stopped. I didn’t hear the crowd or the wind or anything. It was the strangest sensation in the world and to this day I will never forget it. The woman didn’t smile, but just looked. Not in an unpleasant manor, but like she was pondering something meaningful. Her partner tugged her hand lightly and she looked up at him and back at me. He lead her away and a smile played across her face before she was lost in the crowd. I was too mesmorized to smile back or wave, or even realize that the sub way was leaving without me. The rest of the day has escaped my memory, and all that's left is a blur. I've never told anyone about what happened up until now, partly because I don't even know and this is the closest I can come to explaining. From that point on she's always been at the back of my mind, dancing on the edge of reality, leaving an aura of mystery and magic in her wake.

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