Lose Me

November 16, 2010
My heart was blinded,
The love was gone,
But i was to lost to find it,
To confused to mind it,
You see a smile but i scream behind it,
Trapped and binded,
I act like everythings straight but im off alignment,
She was the worst of my fears,
And the darkest cloud when it rained,
Ive learned to drink from my tears,
And feed off my pain,
I speak from my heart when i say,
Our love has changed,
Think with my soul,
Write from my brain,
Seems like im hated by all yet loved by the same,
Forced to be tamed,
Created and trained,
To be your personal scapegoat,
A place where you can escape,
When your anger inflates,
You broke my heart now its to hurt to heal,
To ripped to seal,
I cherished out last memories,
Only for them to reveal,
That i was lovin you,
But the love you had for me wasnt real,
Graspin every moment when we touched,
It moved me,
You make so mad yet the only person to keep me calm,
Soothe me,
I wonder if she would even care if she were to LOSE ME.

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