November 8, 2010
By AshleySteve GOLD, Kolkata, Other
AshleySteve GOLD, Kolkata, Other
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I waited… I waited some more… I waited for my phone to ring. The wall clock struck 1o’clock. It’s too late. I still waited. I waited for a message to come. But it didn’t. My heart was beating with the rhythm of the clock.
He will not forgive. Or he might forgive me. I didn’t know. I was confused. I waited for my phone to buzz. Am I too bad for him, My heart said to me, was it all my fault!!! The time was passing like gushing winds. I waited some more hoping for a message. I cupped my face in my hands not knowing about my unknown future ahead. He promised to stay with me forever, I muttered. I tried hard not to think so, but I failed.
I waited some more. The whole room was dark, just as my life without him now, I thought. I was crying within myself. My heart was beating in an unrythmical way. The girl inside was crying, Not because I lost him. But because I failed to express my love, I sighed. I couldn’t scream aloud neither I could cry. All I could do now was sit and recollect our memories. I was freezing out of cold. But nothing other than him bothered me then.
I waited some more. I know it’s useless. But I can’t stop my heart from denying the truth. My tears were rolling down, but this time they were not the tears of my failure. Instead they were the tears of my anger and frustration. The clock struck 2o’clock. I waited and waited. Silence. I was angry and frustrated. My tears were burning my cheeks. My heart was beating fast unable to keep a pace. My throat was drying.
It wasn’t my fault. But still I’m sorry. Because I can’t see him sad, I cried within. My weakest point turned out to be my danger. I was angry on him but for an unknown reason. I waited some more. But the phone didn’t ring. I’m left down in this world once again. I rubbed off my tears. It’s too late. Was it at all meant for me!!!, I thought, did he really care about me. If he did, then he should have forgiven me by now. I looked at the wall clock. The clock struck 2:30AM. I left my chair and stood up rubbing off my tears of anger and frustration. I walked straight into my room.
But this time I did not wait. ‘Cause I understood that it was useless. He didn’t wait for me!! Did he!!!, I thought. I didn’t look back. My heart was still beating in an unusual way. My tears still flowing down my eyes. My eyes had swollen up. But now there’s no one to bother about it. I was freezing. But there’s no one to comfort me. My heartbeat didn’t beat exactly like his anymore.
I waited… I waited some more… But not for him. But for his soul to get separated from mine.

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