You and Love never went together.

November 7, 2010
I remember it as though it was just the other day.The months ,the tears,the games.Where did this all begin ?
Six Flags. Where it started. The countless days I had managed to exercise at the local gym before the time consuming school trip. The gaze I had on my naked body before clothes were placed on me. The disgusted look that pounded on my heartless face from the undeveloped curves I pleaded for. The beauty I had wished for under the dim light the sun grazed through cloth of my flower printed curtains.

My mother rushing me along to the ajar door of her blue Mitsubishi. The hustle I had in my movements as I had arrived to the presence of three wide charter buses fit for a flock of 7th graders. My best friends wavy hair bobbing as she scurried towards me flinging her arms around me, excited at the opportunity of being a victim of the heart stopping titan.

My eyes that had awoken to the darkness of the cloud covered sky as the bus halted, presenting the eye widening amusement park.Remebering the set of rules the principal had pressured on us. Then the blur of us all departing the buses, watching others pass by. She smacked my shoulder, diving me back to the reality of our fellow classmates slumping away. We had become encountered with three other additions to our group.

His grin as he laid his eyes on me, creating the blocks that stabbed at the walls of my stomach. The silence that had become of us both as we were both chosen to be placed seated next each other on the towering ride. The others pouting, wanting to be the firsts to go. My eyes scrunching shut from the height we were gaining. Your soft enchanting voice chuckling slightly as I whaled in fright. Your enlightening voice spilling the terror of the ride you also had. My eyes peeling open to be gratified as the ground was inches below my swinging legs.

We both trotted away as we cackled at the sight of our friends on the exact same ride. The penetrating water soaking our clothes from the next ride we had chosen. Both of us flinging drops of water at each other on the fake log boat. Our laughs as we sprinted for shelter from the stabbing rain. The chatter of my teeth clinking together, your hands offering your grey hoodie that fit largely on my shivering body.

My rapid breaths as the aroma tingled my nose. Your scent. I acknowledged you with a large smile, tugging your arm as many students told us that we should be heading to the enormous buses. I waved goodbye as you entered your bus and I moved into mine. Trapping myself in the unoccupied seat that was set by the water trickled window. The hoodie placed specifically in a unnoticeable are of the vast charter bus. My mind scurried in thoughts and then began to analyze the day , every emotion coming forth , but as each emotion came the last one presented itself. I was pained by your departure. It was only minutes ago that you were smiling sweetly at me. I rested my throbbing head on the window. My best friend struggling to fall to a pleasant slumber.

Your emerald eyes plastered in my restless sleep. The screech of the enormous buses tires on the sprinkled road startled me. My feet clunked to the sidewalk that lined towards you. I slid the heart wrapping hoodie off of my desiring body, handing it to you. You grinned as my smile expanded slowly.I rang words in my enveloped head.
" Don't fall for him."
I didn't want to be sucked in a realm of awe for you. I stumbled away to a patienttly waiting Madison. I attempted to shield the trance you had dove me into. I slung away, hearing my heart beats fluttering. For who? For you.

As the months passed and my emotions wouldn't fall dead. I had become observant of some of your actions. You had claimed me as one of your "toys". A person you could use for your own pleasure when you prefered it. But I didn't deny you this. I actually begun to enjoy this role. But soon your list of "toys" gained a new addition. My best friend. Madison. She had on many occasions spoke to me her feelings for you.

We had both agreed to not cause a uneeded battle for your attention,your love. We soon entered a realm where we had become trapped in pure love for you . But then again we were only Fourteen. Love was a word that was played with too much, and it soon lost its true meaning.

The summer heat began to beat down on its victims with this came the end of the school year. But little did you know that both of your little play toys emotions were running high. We both secretly wished for you to ask one of us to be yours . These wishes were said by me on a specific time ,11:11 to be exact.

Madison and I spent the summer days accompained by our other best friend Paige. Us three were an inseperable trio. Our love for Nickelback and The ready set , volleyball, and being wacky, we all had the same intrest in boys ofcourse.

But as the cool autumn breeze entered our precious city , school would soon be in session. Madison and I had created a few spats over the summer . Mostly all of them involving our wonderful owner.But all of those faded with the wind .

The day before school begun I had done an intense work out at the local fitness center. But I couldn't figure the reason why.How stupid I had been. It was obvious that I wanted to out shine my competion .

The loud irratating buzz of my alarm clock filled the space of my bedroom . Doing as I would usually do to prepare myself for a school day . I sulked out the flung open door hiding my eager smile . The large school appeared in my window as my mother drove .

She slowed her speed,stopping once we were in a usual spot. I spotted my normal group of friends. Paiges curly locks of hair tightened into a bun , Isabelles pin straight hair obtaining impacts of the breeze, Mark clutching her arm as she whispered lowly in his ear, Josh stood in the circle chuclking as Mark told one of his many jokes.

I entered the circle with high hopes of gaining a lead with the unspoken war Madison and I were in. But as the day passed and Madison and I acted quite strained from not even gained a single glance from you , we soon wondered if we should give up. But it was only one day. So we then decided we would wait .

The games begun.The usual flirting events you and I had the previous year resurfaced. But Madison and you did the exact same thing. I soon realized that I was caught in a endless love triangle.

The months passed and homework,after-school clubs, and my writing became my focus but ofcourse you were still first.But that wouldn't last long.

I had been fed up with your constant charades.The games. I wanted them to cease. I begun to lose all emotions for you slowly. Slipping away from your game. But as I did so Madison got pulled in more and more . She was enchanted . You had become her weed,her drug.

Soon I begun to fall for others. Ones that were a better match. You no longer would drag me down. But I was exicted on that Sunday Morning when Madison had told me about the previous day you and her had spent together. I was genuinely happy for you both.It was months ago that I had proclaimed that my emotions for you expired.I didn't feel a scratch of pain when she had gone through all of the information . Her voice drowning with admiration for you.

You and I are embarking on a fresh realtionship. This one involves friendship.But now I know one thing after this past adventure.

You and Love never went together.

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