To Live

November 5, 2010
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Adrenaline Rush. The push of something you don't know. The fire of blood rushing through your veins. The force, the thrill, the terror for life in the midst of pure bliss. Harder, harder. Thoughts drowned out by a thundering roar. Faster, the intensity, you never want it to stop. The power, the unbelievable source of strength. It's an addiction. Your addiction. Your thoughts racing. Spinning, colliding in pure agony. But it keeps going. Your in love. Falling in it. Screaming in the pain you desire so much. All so undeniably real you swear it threatens everything you have. But this is what rules your world. Controls it, overcomes everything. But there's only one thing on your mind. To keep the rush going. Because it's what you live for.

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