Soccer slides and other goal celebrations

November 16, 2010
I was at soccer practice. I had a 2 on 1. Superb goalie Clarence was in the net. I received the blistering pass. Just me on a breakaway, I was on the 18. Lined up the shot and scored lower left. I was so proud. Just minutes earlier, I was talking to Kevin. We talked about soccer slides and other goal celebrations. We were wondering how the professionals did it. That was when I scored. I was looking around, (awkward look into the future) millions of fans, cheering at my goal. I felt like America had won the World cup. It was then I realized I had to try out my new cool goal slide. Running down to my team-mates, screaming fans yelling and…. I slid. How slow the time went. As I hit the dirt, I realized it was dirt. My first attempt at my cool slide was added to my collective shelf of wacktacular goal celebrations that failed. The millions of fans went away. Falling to the ground three feet away from where I started, I started to do summersaults. Not those flimsy ones where you use your hands but I mean it was like “What did you see,” and I would say ground, sky, ground, sky, back to the dirt, and then more ground, sky, ground, sky, more ground and more sky. Shin guards were flying and kids were laughing. That’s when I had a flashback to my other floppy goal celebrations.
I was in 5th grade. We had an indoor soccer game. We were down 10-8, Mike Shire had the ball. I was playing striker, I was charging the net when I received the ball. I shot, depressing save. REBOUND. GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I was transformed into an airplane flying around the field no-one stopping me until when I got to midfield I was taken off., as depressed as a monkey without his banana. “Nice goal,” my dad said. “We have to work on the celebration.” We had a spring practice last year. Nice average day where everyone was still in the snow mood. I scored, and it was like yippee I get to do another goal celebration. I did none other than a grass angel.

After I finished my fail of a slide, I got back to the line after the floppy goal slide I was confronted by Kevin. “So what was it like?”
I had no other choice but to reply “Painful failed.” Next play was a different drill where a player crossed it in and we had to volley it in. James crossed it in and I scored another goal. I knew there was another goal celebration coming up. This time I was playing for Chelsea. I scored to win the cup! I went and did a full head first goal celebration. I was prouder than a perfect pancake. This one was fun though, I went a country mile. When I finally stopped sliding and falling and going “YYAAYY,” like a little kid, I got back in line but no more goals were to come. There were no other goal celebrations like that, until I can pull it off in the game.

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