Losing a Best Friend

November 15, 2010
By babiiface BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
babiiface BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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keep your friends close,but your enemies closer.....

Most people think that Lizeth is cool and down to earth but when you really get to know her then you will never get her to stop talking.When she tells a story,you would think that she was like a mocking bird.Always repeating herself. But really she likes to talk all the time. When you hang around her then you will be hanging around a lot of boys. But she is really cool. She is really fun to talk to and hang out with. But everything isn’t always so sweet .
She was born on September 25th,1997. She was born in Mexico. When she was 3 years old she moved to the United States. When she got here,her life wasn’t what she expected. She grew up kinda poor. Didn’t have a lot of what the other kids had. She was moving constantly. She would stay in one place for almost 1 or 2 months. The worst thing about it is they barely talked English.It was really tough.

She went to a school called Cheltenham elementary school.She stayed there until 3rd grade.She had good memories."Life was being good to me that time” she says,while laughing.When she was in that school she succeded and was constantly praised by her peers and teachers.When she was going there she really enjoyed having all her friends and getting good grades in all her classes.

After a while she moved again.When she was there she felt sad about leaving all her friends behind but she eventually got over it because they did move a lot.She kinda liked it but at the same time she didn’t."The school was alright”she says.A couple of months later there was a new girl in school.Her name was Fatima.When she saw Fatima she knew that she saw her from somewhere,but couldn’t think of it.Then it came.Believe it or not,her mom babysat Fatima.So That’s when Lizeth and Fatima started to hang out."We used to watch little kid shows and get in trouble together.”she says.That’s how they became best friends.

After a while Fatima was in a very violent car crash.The sad thing that happened was that she did not make it.She passed away.When Lizeth finally heard about it,all that was going on was thoughts going around in her head.Things Like,”Why was it her?How could this happen?"While the whole thing was going she had mixed emotions.She was sad but confused.

Now that she is older she knows that it was going to happen eventually.It is called “The Life Cycle”,she says.But why did it happen to her so early."She was so young and it shouldn’t have happened”.Lizeth is older now but when she thinks about it,she tries to think about the good memories but the bad ones over shadow them.I think when she is in those moods and feeling that way,it kinda makes me remember those days of when I lost my best friend.I also think that In the moment it is kinda depressing but sometimes you kinda have to let some things go.And don't let it hold you back.

The author's comments:
whwen i was writing this peice,i knida related to her story from the past.

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