First Volleyball Game

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Shaking and nervous as I sit in 6th period L.A. Trying to write my paper but can’t stop looking at the clock. When I realized there is five minutes left in class. I started packing up all my stuff knowing I got nothing done. I felt as if five minutes was taking forever! When Mr. Robitz came on the intercom, I waited for him to say “With teacher permission please excuse the volleyball girls”but he just kept talking. Why did it have to be so many peoples birthdays today!? When he finally said with teacher permission, the teacher waved good bye and told us to have a nice day.

As I started walking down the hallway all I could think of was “How many people are going to be there” or “what id I mess up and everyone see’s” Anxiously as I put everything into my bag and closed my locker. As I walked down the hall to my sports locker to I felt as if everyone was looking at me and thinking “Oh she better win this game” or “Lets go Hailee it’s all on you!” I hated that feeling but then I thought “Ok there are a lot of other people playing around me I think ill be ok I mean not everyone is going to have there eyes on me” Hopefully.. When I got all my volleyball stuff I could feel the nerves getting to me and I wanted to just walk out the door.
As everyone entered the locker room I started feeling shaky again and almost didn’t want to leave the locker room but I new I had to or everyone would think I was some freak that was stuck in the locker room. When I saw that almost everyone was out of the locker room I talked myself into at least going and sitting at the bleachers with the rest of the team. When I got out of the locker room I could hear everyone talking in the gym. I know that everyone is in there but maybe I shouldn’t go in there like what if they don’t want me to play today and they won’t mind if I just leave. Ok I was wrong Mariah saw me. She asked me why I wasn’t coming into the gym and I told her that I was on my way. As she grabbed my arm and pulled me in I could hear the music playing and people yelling waiting for the B team game to start. I finally just sat down and watched the game and relaxed a little bit.

When the B team finally finished there game I could feel the weakness getting into my knees I almost couldn’t stand up. I wanted to just sit there and watch everyone else, but knowing that I had to get up and play for the team I could tell that maybe this game wouldn’t be to bad and if I did mess up it would be ok and everyone would more on from it. I couldn’t get that through my head thought! All I need to do is at least just go, go warm up with everyone and ill get used to playing in fount of all these people. Once I finally got down from the bleachers and I started warming up I thought to myself “There isn’t that many people here and volleyball is my sport” “I know I can do this” When I heard the reff blow the whisle I new it was game time and all my nerves went down and I new I was able to do this.

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