The Story of MS

November 15, 2010
By DarkWolfLover BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
DarkWolfLover BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Living through it is torture, but he does it. Moving through the world is hard, but he does it. Living a normal life is unbelievable, but he STILL does it. Multiple Sclerosis is a difficult world of incredible torture and he has to live in it everyday. His life is a roller coaster with all of the ups and downs. Multiple sclerosis is a condition where the nerves in your legs don’t work correctly and go into shock like your legs were some sort of broken down machine and sometimes it doesn’t end in being put in a wheel chair, but most of the time you have to be put in a wheel chair.

My dad has gone through having MS for over 2 years now. He has lost feeling and gained it back. He has had his legs extremely sensitive and then normal again in less than a month. And he has felt nothing in one leg and been really sensitive in the other one ALL AT THE SAME TIME. With all of this he still hasn’t been put in a wheelchair because he pushes through it.

One time they tried to put him in a wheel chair and he said, “I can still walk, so I must not need a wheelchair.” like he had the power of superman. People who know about his condition look at him as disabled ,but I know that inside and out he is still a normal person with normal abilities.

The night they wanted to put him in a wheelchair he still went to work. His job is sorting mail. He goes through the whole night working and still makes time for everything he needs and wants to do. Like I said before he’s like superman. How does superman find time to be superman? how does my dad find time to be my dad? I think that if he just ignores his condition other than the medicine then he will still be able to do what he does every day.

There are many hard parts of having MS but what seems like the hardest part to me is being able to walk although his legs give out most of the time. The hardest part he says is balance and that his brain doesn’t tell the rest of his body what’s going on.

On top of MS he goes through many other things wrong with his medical. He has gone through colds, fevers, and stomach flu. Recently he got a chest cold and staph infection and is still doing everything in his heroic power to survive through it without having to take more medicine then he does.

One other thing that my dad does with MS is he never gives up. He might want to give up sometimes but he still doesn’t. My dad takes his shots when he’s supposed to and writes down all of the information when he does it. He even walks around all the time to keep his legs up and running. Like using a car that you usually only use for emergencies just to make sure it still works. My dad has lost feeling in his legs completely and still not gave up.

My dad is great all together even with MS. He is loving and as normal as any dad even with MS. He is caring and always will be even with MS. Most of all he does it even with this roller coaster called MS. =’(

The author's comments:
My dad has lived through MS for most of his life and it affects me a lot to the point where i'm almost in tears everynight along with all of the other stuff going on in my life

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