November 15, 2010
By DarkShadow13 BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
DarkShadow13 BRONZE, Hatboro, Pennsylvania
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“Mom we have to go to the pet store to get Herman (my hermit Crab at the time) we’re running low,” I yelled down stairs to my mom.
“Ok let’s go,” my mom hollered back.
So my brother, mom, and I went to the pet store which smelled like animal waste and dog food. As soon as we walked in all I heard was a little meow and my brother yelling, “Hey Adam look.”
And there in the front cage was a black cat he was so little and so fluffy.
I swear he was calling out to me saying, “Pick me! Pick me!”

At that moment I knew he was the one. So I begged my mom to let me and my brother played with him in the little play area to play with the pets in the store. Finally she gave up and said, “Ok.”
So there I was in the play pen with the black cat. At first all he did was hide under the bench where my mom was sitting, then he decided to come out and start play with my shoe laces. It was so funny and cute how this little fur ball of fluff, curled up around my foot he was so soft he was like a teddy bear. So then came the begging. My brother and I begged my mom so much I could tell she wanted to put muzzles on us and she kept saying it’s too much responsibly.” And other things like that and my brother kept saying, “ I’ll help take care of him,” as I joined in with him. It felt like my mom was like a robot programmed to say no. But finally she said, “Ok.”
So we told the lady who worked there that we were going to get him so she put him in a carrying cage and my mom payed for him. Then before we left the lady asked us, “what are you going to name him?”
And I said, “Shadow”
Now that we have Shadow I’m his favortite. My mother loves him and is glad we got him that day. We have another cat named Leo and they’re best friends. Well as I like to say, “As well it ends well.”

The author's comments:
This is about when i got my cat shadow

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