Happy Tymes

November 15, 2010
By Anonymous

I remember one day when I went to the best place on earth and I’m not talking about home, Happy Thymes. When I got there my mom got the bracelet so we could get on all the rides. The first ride I got on was indoors. Me, my brother Quadir, my sister Kierra and my big sister Kionna got on the ride. It was called the frogger or something. We went up and down and up and down, down up and up down. After we got off I felt so sick, but I was ok. After we got off the frogger Kionna got off and sat with my mom. Then we got on this spinney thing and you could spin it however fast you want. Then we all got some pizza with wings. The pizza was so nasty and chewy.
After we ate we went rock climbing indoors. Kionna, Quadir, and Kierra went first because there are three sides. Kierra couldn’t do it so I went on her side. Then we started over so we could see who could get there first. Kionna got off, so it was just me and Quadir. Quadir beat because he had the easy side, but I started crying because I couldn’t believe that my brother beat me at something. Next we went to the batting cages and hit some balls. When you are hitting you can change the speed to softball and baseball.
After that the best thing of all, the go-carts.
While we were walking I said, “Are you ready to lose?” to my brother and sister.
Quadir said, “I won’t lose because I’m getting the fast car.”
I said, “Well I'm getting a bigger car so it’s going to go faster.”
Kierra said, “I know I'm going to lose.”

So we got in the go-carts. It was a light that has green, yellow and red. Then the manager person said, “Red pedal’s stops, green pedal’s go.”
Then he started the carts. We waited till the light went green. All I heard was vroom vroom. Everyone was ready we all bolted around the turn. It was so many leaves on the road. All I heard was crack, crack, and crack. I kept laughing at my brother and sister because they were behind me. Then we got off and my mom said it was time to go.

The author's comments:
This story show how fun happy tymes was when I went with

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