My Cousin Jaaun

November 15, 2010
I would like you guys to know that before you read on that my cousin Jaaun is a girl not a boy. so please do not make that mistake.But before I take this any further why don’t I tell you the reason why I am writing about Jaaun.The reason that I am writing about Jaaun is because I love her VERY much and she means a lot to me and I can really connect to her so when I am not able to see her or when she is unavailable it makes me sad.It makes me sad because when I am around her I feel good like I feel like I can say or do whatever I want to so keep reading and you will know how much i love and care about her.

I love my cousin Jaaun I love just as much as kids love their blankies or as much as kids love their Mommy's and daddy’s.Or even as much as monkeys love their bananas. Or even as much as fat kid loves cake!!.... “NO OFFENSE FAT KIDS” So that’s exactly how much I love my cousin.

When I want to go hang out with my cousin I can’t because she is not available and when shes not available I get sad because I don’t get to hang out with her.When I am hanging out with her we both can connect to each other in things that are going on in our life's.Which is really cool because I don’t normally get to just talk to anyone about it and they can’t connect to me as much as my cousin can.

When I do get the time to hang out with her it makes me really happy because its not normal for me to get to spend time with my cousin for a while and tell what happened in my day or what happened in the past.I can’t do that like how some other families can.So I always try to take anything to spend a little time with her. I do that because whenever I am with her I feel like I am learning somethings new about her everyday I see her which is really amazing for me.I'm not really sure why but it is.

My cousin also has a job so I’m not really sure about the days that she has to work because she takes off kind of a lot so I’m actually really confused. But when I go to her house and I am expecting her to be at home she might be at work which makes me a little sad because there might be something that I would like to tell that has happened to me in the passed few days.But it also sucks because then the next time that I see her that’s when I have to tell her but I might forget what I was going to say so that’s why it sucks!

But I love my cousin very much and Don’t you ever forget it!

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