Labels in Health Class

November 13, 2010
In health class the other day, our teacher asked us to describe our personal style using a typical "label". For example, trendy, preppy, skater... etc. We had to write the label on a piece of paper without our name, and the teacher would tally our results. I sat there for a little less than five minutes, staring at the clock, the wall, the people in front of me... I just couldn't think of how to describe my style. Soon, Mrs. Klees said that she'd be around to collect our papers. I started to write, and stopped at "conf". Then I realized, I'm not confused. I just have more than one style within my personality. I go from wearing sweats, sneakers, my volleyball jacket, and being in the gym one day; to work boots, ripped jeans, a plaid flannel and being in the shop rooms or garage the next; to a skirt, shirt, scarf, flats and being in the art room the next; and finally to wearing skinnies, converse, a band tee, and being in the band room. I have many faces and many styles. That day, instead of writing "confused", I wrote "myself".

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