November 15, 2010
By Damian Mares BRONZE, Aroura, Colorado
Damian Mares BRONZE, Aroura, Colorado
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My cousin is a funny person. He is a fun person. He creates games for life and he is a gamer as well. He will test the new games to see if he likes them. He will go to a lot a places and the place he is at right now is Arizona. That is were he is born. He went to collage for it and he was thinking of playing some collage football. Also his name is Arron.

When he was young he was a trouble maker.He would make fun of teachers and he would make fun of every body. I remember that he would bring big bottles of coke and shake it and give it to the teachers.He we would be the bast pranker there is.He would do so many things to get him into trouble. He would want to get at the pricapple and he would love to get into trouble with him because he would take pity on him.

When he go’s into high school he was a little better and he would just go to a teachers house and tee pee it. Also on Halloween he would go to teachers houses and put a dead rat on there door steps. He would do a lot of things to get into trouble. Also he would like to get into trouble and he would like to run away. But after that Halloween he said “I am done with this prank.” “some one could get hurt.”

Ever since then he would not do a prank. He would talk about it but he wont do it. That is what my cousin did when he was a little kid.Also he stopped pranking a long time ago. He would tell me good ideas but when i would try to do them he would tell me to stop before some one would get hurt.

The pranks that he would do was one of the best but then he quit. But i still call him the best pranker.How he lived was the best for me and him. Also what he used to do was awesome .Hope you liked it how I told you about my cousin life remember some pranks could hurt people so be careful.

The author's comments:
I love my cousin and this is all about what he did this my profile about my cousin.

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