Well, This is What Happened

November 12, 2010
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Butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. Adrenaline pulsing through my veins caused me to walk faster down the hallway. Today's the day. I have to stop putting this off. I was tapping my fingers together to keep them busy. I was coming up to my classroom when my friend stopped me. “So are you going to do it?” “Yes, yes I am. I can’t keep pushing it aside; I have to at least get it off my chest.” “Good, do you remember what I said last night, how to say it?” “Com’ on, Rob. I’m not five, I’ve done this before.” “Only once!” “You’re not helping. I have to go.” I walked into the classroom and from the hallway I could hear, “Go get her, Josh!” I sighed and told myself that I’ll punch him for that. I sat down at my table. The room was empty other than the tables and two other students that were there. I watched all of the students walk in, waiting for her. Then, there she was. She was walking so gracefully, almost dancing, her way to the seat next to me. “Hello, Josh” she greeted me. I mustered up some courage to say, “Hey how’s your day?” “Good,” she said, “math was a pain, as always, but good. How about you?” “Fine” I replied. The rest of the class went by fast. I felt the note I had wrote her in my pocket. The class was coming to an end and I decided that it was time I do what I’ve been longing to do. I got the note out ad tapped her n the shoulder. She turned around with a smile and I gave her the note. Coincidentally, the bell rung just as I let go of the note. I hurried and got my things together and left the room. I scolded myself for being a coward and that I should have stayed to her an answer. I walked down the school steps and out to the bus lot. Just then, she poked me in the back. I turned around and she said, “Uh, I just had two breakups in the same month and I not read for a relationship yet, sorry.” And she walked away. I walked to my bus. Sat down. Rode home. Went inside my house. Sat on my bed. And hoped I would fall asleep. Forever.

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