Shooting a Bow

November 12, 2010
By , appleton, WI
Have you ever tried shooting a bow? Well I tried it and here is the result of what happen. it was my first time shooting a bow. This choice was significant because it showed that I was willing to try something new and as a result, I got interested in it.

One day my brother wanted me to try shooting a bow, so I tried it and got interested in it. I decide to keep doing it with my brother. What happened the first day I tried shooting a bow? I tried to pull back the string of the arrow but I couldn`t because it was heavy; It was around 60 pounds to pull back. The second time I tried, I could barely hold it back, then each time it was getting easier and easier. Then when I got used to it, my brother challenged me to hit the red dot on the target and it was 30 yards away, so I tried and missed it then I tried again and missed it so badly the arrow went straight to the wall and got stuck there. We couldn’t pull it out from the wall, while we are trying to pull it out, it got broken. So I stopped shooting for a while. Then later when I got my own bow and arrows I started going every time with my brother and his friends to target areas to shoot some arrows because I want to get better at it. If I got better, we can go hunting next year!

That day when I broke my brother’s arrow, he told me to buy new arrows for myself so I don’t break his arrows again, and I agreed with him. When we went to the shop, I don’t know what happened but I made a choice and bought a whole bow with my own arrows so I could start shooting with him without waiting for each other`s turn. This whole experience of shooting a bow made me want to try new things.

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