My Personal Perspective

November 2, 2010
I am good at baking pastries and always speaking my mind.I wonder
if i will die in 2012.I hear my cat purring.I see my grandmother in heaven.I want to be my own person,not a walkway.I pretend i have my own world where i actually have friends.I feel that the friends i have just pretend to like me.I touch the frost bite of air.I dream that i will die of a horrible treagedy someday soon.I cry when i think about my mom dying of all the surgeries she's had.I understand that i am a very mean person.I say that the earth is our heaven/hell, all it is, is an in between.I dream that oneday i will never awke from a quiet slumber.I try to be my own personality, but i am just an empty soul.I hope i live a good life and give a reason to be remembered.

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