Give Thanks

November 9, 2010
Veterans day makes me think about all the ungreatful teenagers out there in the world. I know that sounds kind of weird but it does. There are so many teenagers who talk bad about their parents, say they hate their parents and say they want their parent to die. Some teenagers even go to their parents face and say "I hate you." Those teenagers don't realize that saying "I hate you" to their parents face hurts. After they say that then they expect their parents to give them whatever they want. That is called taking advantage. A lot of teenagers are taking advantage of their parents. They should realize that there are many, many kids out there who don't have their parents with them due to the war. Some parents are stationed in Iraq or Afghanastan or somewhere else. Those kids have to spend day by day worrying about their parents. Some of us have our parents here everyday but some dont. Imagine if you were apart of the many kids who don't have their parents at home. So please thank your parents every day for doing what they do. Then take time to Thank all the military men and women who are fighting for our safety every day. Even thank those who have already given their time and fought for us in the past. Some have died but some are still alive and deserve a thank you and a moment of silence. Give thanks.

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