the last time i wept

November 8, 2010
By Shakespril SILVER, Taguig, Other
Shakespril SILVER, Taguig, Other
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SENSITIVE.I am moody, indeed. I remembered when I was still young that I was really nonsense in nature. Well, some sort of stuffs called "Change" made me altered my foibles.

Oh! You can make me cry. I am easily upset about things I am not prepared with. This day I almost shed a tear because of a problem with my academe...It was not that serious, though. Now, I have to write something of a sort of a novelette to please my English teacher.

Apologetically, I am seeking ways to tell her that I did not mean it at all. I did not intend to cause pain or anxiety. I did not show up in the class presentation. Now, as I am writing or typing this message, I wanted to cry. I could not help it. Well, I was really sensitive and I admit it, after all. I was not so definite if I angered her with my being irresponsible. I know that it would mean a lot for few, but I was really sorry for what I have done wrong. Never did it happen to me that I would cause some problems with the class. Not at all aware that it is not a big deal, I calmed down myself. Critical matters are one of the things I almost hate or even despise. In oblivion, I went to make things as clear as mineral water.

Last Mid-term, I earned a perfect grade. I was really sure that I could make it the next time around so I studied my lessons very well that Finals. Anyhow, I was really not feeling well that day so I went to class late. I thought the play would start in the afternoon so I woke up 8 in the morning.

I was really surprised to see the whole class all staring blank at me. I could figure that they are not happy to see me arrive. Silence.

Closing my eyes in disbelief, I wished I did not come here at all. In addition, I was not an important character, just the foil. Even if I was not the major protagonist, I must bear in mind I was part of a team. Then, I just disappeared. I know that I disappointed my English professor that day. She was expecting that I would act just like my block mates. On the contrary, they have performed very well. I was better off gone.

In my reflections, I am starting to blame myself for waking up too late. I should have listened to my mama when she greeted me.

Screaming is all I have to do. I could not afford to weep for such a petty worry so I made up my mind to write an essay or plot a short story to pass to my professor. It was really tragic so I decided to write a novelette, instead. With my omniscient knowledge in fiction, I know that I could finish it in three haggard days. Well, believe it or not, I am now done with the skeletal system of my masterpiece. Even if it is rush, I know that this is worth reading. I entitled this piece of literature as "HALLEY'S COMET" from the prominent shooting star. I have planned about it for almost three years and now, I am working on to make this a reality.

Indeed, I am truly sorry for my misdemeanor. I did not mean it when I went just to watch them clean the room after their magnificent performance. After I realized that I was all wrong, I hurried to my professor and asked her if I could make it up to her. I said, "Miss Eliz, can you allow me to have a special project in GRAMMCOM? I am really sorry I disappointed your expectations. I did not mean it... Can I just write a novelette and submit it to you? Please, Miss Eliz..."

Pathetic as I was always, I became so sorry for my wrongdoings. I am irresponsible enough. Next time, I should not be making the same mistake. With all the imminent submission, here am I, still busy with the synopsis of my own story. I do hope it would not happen once more. Oh! It was really a tragic farce. Well, I was not meant to tell a satire.

About my poignant tale of a modern Romeo and Juliet, I planned to set it up in the time of the arrival of the Halley's Comet. I wanted it to look like a science fiction, even if it is really romance and tragedy. This masterpiece would help me with my career as a writer. I knew that I was really meant for something divine. So, stop the doodles now and write fiction....This is a tale of a magical camaraderie in between a barrier. Upon the arrival of the Halley's Comet, sixteen-year-old lass encountered a youth with a Shakespearian accent. History must not repeat itself because it entangled the twisted past and present, in between a giant tree. They have to bridge the world apart; hence, they shall break the universal laws of eternity.

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