Motivated by My Mom

November 8, 2010
By Kristin123 BRONZE, Layton, Utah
Kristin123 BRONZE, Layton, Utah
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I remember peeking curiously down the narrow hallways, seeing important looking people all dressed up for the occasion. I gazed around to see the intricate designs on the white walls with historical documents hanging condescendingly from them. It was my first time at the Capital Building and i was filled with curiosity and excitement. There was a rush of movement through the auditorium as a sea of people were seated, anticipating the commencement. The next thing I remember is seeing my mom, dressed head to toe in a red polyester gown, holding a diploma. I was seven years old, wearing my favorite purple dress, holding a bouquet of flowers. It was my mothers law school graduation and I was so proud of her.

Going through graduation and becoming a lawyer is one of my moms biggest accomplishments, but I know she’ll always be more proud of having a family. I was still young when she started her career but I never noticed how often she was gone at work. I know she was always busy but she never put her work before me. She always seemed to be around when I needed her and that’s all that mattered. I’ll always remember waiting for my mom to pick me up from my first grade class and our ritual that proceeded. We’d walk home together while I’d tell her about my latest art project or the new games I’d played at recess that day. We’d trudge through the front door and take our daily after school naps, stomach satisfied with the bologna sandwich she’d make me every day. That’s one of my favorite memories.
The best way to describe my mom is “a doer.” She keeps going and going, wound up like the energizer bunny, searching for a chore to be done or an errand to run with her what-needs-to-be-done-now demeanor. Trying to get her to leave on trip takes more patience than waiting in an hour long line. She’ll wander around the house, suddenly seeing it vital that the laundry be folded, or deciding the dishes will shatter if their not put away at that moment. It drives my family crazy when my mom goes on one of these tangents but we can’t help but smile at her stubbornness.
My relationship with my mom and family started to deteriorate slightly when I got into junior high. We were still close but when I needed someone talk to I didn’t usually feel comfortable turning to my mom as that person to confide in. I focused more on my relationship with my friends than my family until my sophomore year when one thing brought me closer with my mom than I ever had been.
“Your dad’s moving out,” my mom spoke stonily, keeping her eyes focused on the road. I didn’t know how to respond, I was too shocked.

“When?” I finally choked out.

“He found a house in Mountain Green, he’s all packed now,” she whimpered. I could see her trying to keep the conversation light, but the air in the car was suddenly so thick it felt stifling.

“Why?” I asked, not even sure I wanted to know the answer.

We sat in silence for the rest of the car ride, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the news but tears rolled down my cheeks. My dad moved out a few days later and for the next six months my mom had the job of taking care of me by herself. Things were a little different at home after my dad moved out, but my mom was still her cheerful, helpful self. She never let it show, but I know it was hard for her to be on her own. It gave me more appreciation for my mom and everything she did for me after what our family went through. She stood up for what she believed in and stayed strong for her kids and for herself. She didn’t need my dad to support us and I looked up to her for that.

My mom made me want to accomplish a lot in my life and to never settle for anything less than what I deserve. She works hard to gain what she wants and it makes me want to do the same. My mom is my motivation for keeping my grades up, going off to college, and succeeding in my career. I’ll always remember how proud i felt watching her strut down the grand auditorium, diploma in hand, smile plastered to her face, graduating law school to complete one of her life-long dreams.

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