When They're Gone

November 2, 2010
By Anonymous

It was one of those nights we’ve been having a lot lately. Those nights when we would stay up till midnight or later, talking on how my sister’s relationship with her former boyfriend Pablo wasn’t working out at all.
“Betsy, listen to me and tell me if it’s worth it, “I asked her for the third time.
“But I love him so much!” Was her answer she said them with her eyes red and puffy from all the crying she’s been doing for the last three hours or so.
“I know sweetie, I know you do but this is not good for him or you,” I told her. “This,” I said pointing to her and her phone that has been laying on the table for a while now,” Is not working and your not only hurting your self but also him. ”
“I know but he just won’t listen to me floresita and I just can’t.”
I could see her tears wanting to come out again and I felt hopeless because I wanted them to be happy, I wanted her to smile and laugh and have nothing worry her at all. I was also was mad because he made her suffer and sad and at times like this though I never really meant it I wished they’ve never met.
“Well then leave him,” I told her. “If you can’t just leave him and it would all be over.”
“But no,” She said crying all over again.
“Then Betsy what are you going to do then, it cant go forever you know that,” If it was one thing that I knew for sure was that nothing is forever and I knew that if they kept going like that it wouldn’t last much longer.
“I don’t know!” I could she how much it pained her to think that could happen and it pained me to see her suffer but we both knew if things didn’t change it would end.
After that I did the only thing I could. I hugged her close to me and just let her be.
After that day and most of the next everything seem to be the same: On day they would see would see each other and be happily in love while at night and at night they would talk to each other on the phone and it would all turn into crying and frustration. Well, that’s till September 19.
It was a day like any other; sort of sunny and kind of cold but just the normal for September. That day was also my mom’s birthday which was kid of fun and cool. It was also a school day so I had to go to school. So my day stared pretty normal I went to school did everything I had to do and it was just like any other day, until I came home.
I was home about three the usual time I got there everyday. It was surprise to say the least to see my mom and dad there, at home, because they were never at home at that time. Especially since both of them were suppose to be working and nothing I mean nothing ever separated them from their jobs.
“Hey mom, Hey dad,” I said steeping into the house.
“Hey sweetie,” Both of them answered.
From seeing that they were both home I knew something wasn’t right and from the faces I saw when stepped into the house I knew something was very wrong.
“So what happen” I asked they knew me better to know I was going to ask that question according to them “nothing goes pass me” which most of the time tends to be true and this was no exception.
“Nothing” My dad said.” There was an accident” My mom said at the same time.
“So which one is it?” I asked raising an eyebrow. My dad looked at my mom as expecting her to her to say something.

“Pablo got in a car accident this morning and it’s not looking so good for him,”

“What!?” I asked. Worry evident on my face
“Yes sweetie and we have to go his house because your sister its there already.” My mom told me as they got ready to go.
We left about 5 minutes after that but I knew something else was off because of my moms’ puffy eyes and my dads’ sad face.
It wasn’t much later when we got to his house. When I got out of the car it all seem pretty normal the day to say at least, but I guess in my heart I knew something different. When we got there we went in. One of the things ill never forget is: going in and seeing all his family there around the kitchen on the living room with the same expression of sadness and pain. I guess till that point I still believed that it was because of the accident until I saw her.
She, one of my biggest heroes, the one person I would never forget or stop loving was there sitting on the kitchen table. She was hugging one of Pablo’s’ picture with all her might and at that point I knew that it was more than an accident. I guess that at that point my mom had figured out that I kind of knew what had happen so she decided to act.
“Denis” She said grabbing my arm and pulling me into a corner.
“Yes mom” I said to her, hoping and praying to god that what she were about to say was not what I though.
“Denis sweetie” I could see her eyes getting watery and at that moment I knew. At that moment I wanted to cry too, I wanted yell and tell her that no that was not true that she had to be lying, that this was just a bad dream I had to wake up from. But it wasn’t, I knew when she said it,” Pablo is dead.”
You know it’s amazing how words can hurt you, break your heart and make you regret parts of your life. I loved Pablo like the older brother I never really had. He was one of the most perfect men I’ve ever met and it amazed me how much he could love her. At that moment I realized he wasn’t coming back, he wasn’t going to be here to make her smile or laugh and he wasn’t going to be here for her when she needed him, and then it hit me. He left, he left her and he was never coming back.
Time passes and it heals all wounds. Pablo is gone and is going to be forever. Turns out it was never an accident, it was just another lie. He had a heart condition that they never knew about. There are things I regret saying and I also regret things I did but one thing I would never ever regret is meeting him.
Many things I would remember from him the happy memories are the ones I want to keep. The smiles the laughs the happy moments and the love he and my sister had together. Time heals but you never forget I would always cherish the people I have because when they’re gone, I know I wish I could have them back.

The author's comments:
I would never forget you Pablo!! :)
We miss u!!!

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