October 22, 2010
I remember laying in the damp grass with you,
Summer dew glistening on the daisy's just inches away.
You sat up and picked a daisy, I cringed as you did so, not wanting to ask you to stop pulling the beauty from it's stability, something I had worked so hard to keep from happening to anyone else even a lonesome daisy.

I looked at you, the gold sun stroked skin with light freckles splattered across your cheeks and those eyes that linger in my mind even now,
Blue as the Hawaiian ocean with a yellow star burst in the center. Those eyes took my breath away.
You looked at me and smiled, your long black hair blowing gently with the wind, lips still swollen from a recent piercing.
I laughed and turned away. ", Andrew why do you love me?" I asked.
You looked shocked that i'd even ask such a question but without hesitation he said", You are the only one that makes my heart whole. I see you and I cannot breath, you are the most beautiful girl in the world infact no other girl catches my eye and when I saw you I knew that you were the one. Promise you'll never leave? I swear I'll always be there for you."

I smiled and hugged me ", I'd never leave, I have no reason to." And we just sat there a bit longer soaking up the Oregon sun.

That was a year ago on August 7th, 2009. The next day his brother was driving him to see me,
We were going to go to the lake and talk like any other day but soon I got a knock on the door, a tall police officer stood before me. ", Are you Justise?" He asked.
I was shaking wondering what an officer would be doing on my doorstep this early morning.
", Yes sir, What can I do for you?"
", I must inform you that an Andrew and Eli have been in an accident and they are both in critical condition but Andrew sent for you."
I collapsed gasping for air. Every inch of my body numb, everything inside screamed No.
I needed Andrew, he was my everything.
", Come along and I'll take you to him." The officer said with eyes full of remorse.
I stumbled to the police car unable to comprehend the extent of it all.
I ran into the Hospital, a nurse showing me to his room.
I sat by his bed, his wounds deep and his lip piercing had been ripped out slicing his lip open.
I cried begging for him not to leave, he could barely open his eyes or his mouth. Both of his legs were broken, three ribs shattered.
I knew this was the end but I just couldn't let him go.
His last words to me were ", I love you" because twenty minutes later he was gone.
Andrew was my first love, years of a built up relationship I thought would last forever and if he would've made it, it might have.
Out love was not typical, it was the love of two damaged souls gripping on to eachother trying not to lose balanceand fall but it was still love that I will never let of of. Three years of my life I spent holding on to him, three years that shaped me as a person,
Made me a better person.
Three years I will hold against my heart and carry it with me until I die and find him waiting in that green grass holding a dew covered daisy.

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