My Heroes

October 22, 2010
By Anonymous

I am a product of my environment. Like a sponge I have soaked up everything that I have encountered, but two people have affected me more than anyone else and they are my parents. Throughout the years they have provided me with the strength, wisdom and love that I have needed to go on. My parents and I moved from Albania to the United States on August 19, 1999 when I was six years old. It was during this period of time that I learned the most from my parents. Our first few years in America were incredibly difficult as we all struggled to capture the language, and even after all these years I can still remember my father picking up the phone and saying, “Me no speak English” whenever a telemarketer called. I saw how difficult it was for my parents having no one to rely on while they tried to establish some sort of stability, and I saw how brave they were.

Sometime during our first year in America I overheard my mother crying as my father told her that we were one dollar and thirty-seven cents shy on the rent to our one bedroom apartment. I remember how terrified I was that we would be thrown out of the apartment but I also had faith that my father would fix everything. Although we could not pay the rent that month we were not thrown out and everything ended up being alright because of my parents determination and strength. Even with all the challenges my parents were facing at this period they still found the time to be together as a family; I remember and cherish all the family dinners we had where even though we were struggling one look at my parents was enough to assure me that we would be ok. Looking back now I realize that my strength and resilience comes from my parents because of everything they overcame. Although that occurred ten years ago it is an event that has shaped me into who I am because I often use it as a source of motivation whenever I am confronted with adversity.

I admire my parents for everything they have accomplished having worked hard enough to now own a home of their own and be able to live comfortably. The strength and resilience they demonstrated then and continue to show now, have had a large impact in my life. With their love and support, I have no doubt that I can face any challenge head on knowing what they have been through. My parents have molded me into the man I am today and because of that I have nothing but the utmost love and admiration towards them.

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