If Rules Would Disappear Forever or One Day of Kelly’s Life

October 19, 2010
By Alexia Shade BRONZE, Ternopil, Other
Alexia Shade BRONZE, Ternopil, Other
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Rules…at home…in school…everyvere we going we have Rules. They annoy us, make us do what we don’t want to…
- I wish there would be no rules in whole world – said a teen girl from Oklahoma once (let’s call her Kelly). Ok darling, if you want so.
And 5…4…3…2…1…abracadabra! What other things do fairies do before miracle happens? Idk. Whatever.
So let’s imagine our would with no rules in it. And yeah, have fun Kelly!=)
So next morning Kelly wake up at 10 am instead of usual 6.30. By why not since there’s no rule that would say she can’t be late for school. She didn’t brushed her teeth (who needs it?!), washed her face quickly, had her breakfast and went to the bus stop. Bu wait. You’re wandering were is a school bus. Hm…Kelly, girl, aren’t you forgot that there is no rule that would tell buses to come to the bus stops in time? But look what a nice rainy morning is outside! You can just take a walk for school. You’re wondering why Kelly wants to go to school if she don’t need to. Well let’s just say that she wants’ to see her friends…and boyfriend…and go to her favorite Art class.
Tadadada! Even an hour haven’t passed and our girl entered the school yard. Everything is upside-down inhere…Well that’s even fun!
So Kelly…it’s hard to disappoint you but you can’t go on Arts today as your teacher is somewhere in cafeteria, where is a nice food fight right now. And no one’s going to stop it. Your boyfriend is not here because he lives too far to go on foot, you remember about bus, right? Some of your friends aren’t here too. The same reason. Time to go back home, on foot again. Street…broken glass everywhere…car accidents…hurtled people…That’s what it means for road to have no rules. And that’s not nice at all, and not safe too. Let’s get quickly through other things…strangers in your house…your younger sister in your dress…no TV programmers in time…Two words: No Rules. Are you happy Kelly? I don’t think so. Wish you good luck sweetheart, everything will be normal again tomorrow.
So all I’m trying to say is that rules are important. Even if we don’t like them or think that they are too harsh. Rules make people live in certain way and not to be scared go outside, because if there won’t be no rules it would be mess everywhere.
P.S don’t be lawbreakers=)

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