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October 30, 2010
By Ojaswini srivastava BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
Ojaswini srivastava BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Life is too long to spend one’s days in distress. It is required that we learn the right way of living and understand the importance of happiness. Only then can a person be able to lead a blissful and substantial life. To live for the moment is no simple thing, but absolutely not impossible.

A prerequisite for this is being happy within. Happiness that comes from the heart is genuine and therefore very influential.

Why not I, when so many others can? This is the thought which gives me the power to light up my life with love and laughter. To me, love means, love my own self, since this is what makes me loved by others. Loving one’s self gives the capacity to cope with everything.

Our soul needs the power to move on with an ecstatic heart which is gained when one is optimistic in views and has the capacity to retain it in all circumstances.

The author's comments:
Just gave a deep thought to the tough situations which i have faced in the past two years in which i had to shift to three places,three completely new cities.
How i kept my calm, adapted myself to the new culture,schools and people and kept smiling gave me the inspiration to write this article.

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