October 29, 2010
By MeganMoon BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
MeganMoon BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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When I think of Halloween what comes to mind is ghost, scarecrows,and of course pumpkins. To get ready for Halloween we always start by decorating. Among the many candy rappers,,, I enjoy making candy rapper circles to hang on the door is the best activity and my specialty. The biggest decorating part usually consists on the outside of the house. My brother is always in charge of climbing up to the loft of our shed to get the blow up cat yard sitter since he doesn't have a problem with spiders. Getting in the car my mom and I go to the farm to pick up two hay bales and some more scarecrows to replace or torn up ones. One we go back to school on Monday we are not all the done decorating but my mom does a little bit of work on that day since it is her day off. She strings lots of black and orange lites in the windows and some purple ones in my preference.

The next few days zoom by very quickly with all the stuff we have to do in our daily lives so we didn’t have much time for decorating. We have this skeleton head that we place outside our door so every morning when I would walk outside the door the skeleton would either say “ what are you looking at” or “ give me your candy”. These sayings got really annoying after just a few hours of walking in and out the door. This one afternoon I was walking home with my twin brother Sam from the bus stop one my mom walks out of the house and says we are going to carve pumpkins tonight.

Carving pumpkins we did right in our garage at a dirty folding table. Sam and I sitting right across from each other. My mom had to make a quick phone call to my uncle so she left us alone which was a mistake. I took that few minutes to comment on my brother jack-o-lantern face and for some reason he go offended when I said it looked more like it was carved by a two year old instead of a thirteen year old. That really set him off so he threw a piece of his pumpkin gut at me from across the table, it hit me square in the face right below my eyes. I think I deserved it but then when he fired the next piece of pumpkin at me I new he went to far. So I went over to him and shoved his head into his own freshly carved pumpkin so when he came back up his hair was filled with slimy orange goo. It would have been the perfect opportunity to laugh at him but at that exact time my mom decided to walk into the garage. All she had to do was take one look at my orange face and at Sam’s hair to understand what had happened when she was gone. In spite of what I tried to tell her, she still thought it was all my fault for starting the fight so I had to go in the back yard to carve my pumpkin alone.

The rest of the weekend not as far as exiting as the pumpkin carving the night before but it still fill of decorating because no matter how much we try to decorate before hand we still end up doing the last minuet decorating at the last minuet. This years costume for me would be a witch for Halloween. I all ready got my costume ready so all I needed to do was spray pink hair die into my hair. The world outside was getting dark so it was almost time to go trick or treating. when we were eating pancakes shaped like eyeballs the door bell rang announcing the one of the first trick or treader's of the night. After we gave him some candy my mom let my brother and I go walking around the houses in our neighborhood trick or treating. Instead of going to every house in the neighborhood, we only went to about five streets including ours. It was freezing walking around with just a short sleeve shirt and some jeans underneath the costume. My hands were freezing because I forgot to wear gloves so I had to wrap my hands in my pillow case I was using as a candy bag.Finally we walked around the corner that led to our house. Across from my house,I started to run since I new I was going to able to warm up my hands in front of our fire place.

After I thawed out my hands so I could move them Sam and I always go through our candy and count it. Then we played a trading candy game that we made up a few years ago. Despite my love for Skittles, I’d always give them to him anyway and he always giv

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on Dec. 20 2011 at 8:38 pm
Viridian BRONZE, Nah, Louisiana
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"If there's nothing left to care about, there's nothing left to save."

Candy rappers? Like emeniem? Overall good article, but needed to get to the point.


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