October 28, 2010
By Anonymous

It was a Friday night and I was on my way to roller kingdom, I was very excited to go to roller kingdom because I have not been there for almost a year. We were pulling into roller kingdom and we then got out of the car and started walking into roller kingdom when we got into te building we payed for our tickets to get in, and it was like thirty-five dollers to get in for five of us to get in. We got checked to make sure we had no illigal items on us. After we had been checked We walked in and sat down at a random table, so we were now sitting down putting on our rollerblades and skates. As soon as we were done putting on our skates, we bolted for the skate floor. We were all skating in a group and then we all seperated up. When we were splitting up I ended up skating on my own. After ten minutes went by I was going around one more time and then all of a sudden someone came around from behind me and pantsed me in front of about one hundred people. My heart then sank to the floor, as I was thinking everyone was looking at me. My face turned bright red and I pulled my pants up very quickly and sat down. everyone was looking at me in a funny way. That was my most embarassing moment in my life.

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