New Board

October 27, 2010
By Anonymous

The first time you step onto the griptaped wood, the concave feel the board has. The way the trucks flex with the wood. And the spinning of the wheels as they role across the pavement. This is the feeling of a new board. It's amazing that this will take you to the levels you want to reach in skateboarding. It also can be a rejuvinating to have fresh wood and grip under your shoes, you feel a sense of peace.

Then you push off, you unleash using the pop of a new board to it's fullest getting higher in the air with every trick. Getting used to your new best friend, the concave ply wood with sick designs. It makes you feel a sense of invincibility.

Then you can add your own designs, to truly make it yours. Design the grip, sticker the deck, and write all over the board; it's yours make people know it. You feel pride init it's your hard work put into a design on wood and grip. The piece of wood and four wheels become a part of you and you know this is your new board.

The author's comments:
This peice is about the feel you get from the first ride on a new skateboard and how it feels when you customise it to make it yours.

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