October 27, 2010
By skittlz BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
skittlz BRONZE, Henderson, Nevada
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At times when we are having a hard time adapting to new things we say to ourself "When will this be over?" I have said that many times to myself. One time in particular I had that exact feeling.That was when I entered into middle school. Just coming from Utah to Sin city as they call it, starting school was a shock to me. But, over time I grew more mature and was able to face bigger challenges. Even though at times I was anxious, scared, and stressed about nearly everything I knew I had my teachers, family, and people I could go to when I needed help. Everyday I was nervous, but everyday I was able to make it through. After my first year of middle school I felt like I could face bigger challenges and anything that stood in my way I could make it through easily.I believe if we try hard to succeed and never give up everything will be okay. Next time when you ask yourself "when will this be over?",just remember that once it is over you will feel better about yourself and will have those memories, weather they be bad or good to remember and become stonger.

The author's comments:
What I hope people will get from this piece is knowing that when you have difficult times in your life and you just wish they would go away is to know that once they are over you will be a stonger and better person.

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