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October 27, 2010
By cierrasmyth SILVER, Bracebridge, Other
cierrasmyth SILVER, Bracebridge, Other
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It seems that girls have this hankering obsession with the bad boy. The nice guys always seem to fall down the way side in place of the bad boy, the player. It's unclear to these nice guys why girls never choose them, but girls know the exact reason why. Boredom.

Girls go for the bad boy because they have the charm and the excitement that we want in a relationship. With the nice guy, it's boring. It's the same old thing, and there isn't anything new. But with the player, you lose and gain trust on a daily basis, you get hurt and fall in love again and again.

It's a roller coaster that you don't ever want to get off. There's the ups, when he reels you in with his incredible charm and then the down's when you catch him being his player self. The ups and downs keep you on your toes at all time, excited and nervous all at the same time.

I personally know this roller coaster off by heart it seems. I get sucked into the appealing ups, downs, turns and curves; with the occasional upside down twist, sending my stomach up to my throat and back down again.

I knew from the minute he started talking to me that he was a player. I'd heard the stories around school and knew his ways of leading a girl up and then dropping her at the next sharp turn of the ride. But I thought things would be different with me, seeing as I'm not your average girl. I'm not like the others girls he had been rumoured to be with so he couldn't possibly be the same with me. And I was right, at first.

Things were going really good, we hung out a few times and then voila, we were soaring up and up, almost to the top. We started dating pretty quickly, which was surprising, seeing as he hadn't dated any of the previous girls. My first thought's of him had come true, I was different then the other girls so he would be different with me. But a roller coaster with the same name and different colours, is still the same roller coaster.

The same applies for a player. Though they may seem different, deep down, they won't change. And this player wasn't going to change for anyone. The first drop in the roller coaster came faster then I had expected and was a surprise. My stomach flew up to my throat when I heard the news, he was cheating. I wouldn't let myself believe that this was the end, there had to be more, another sharp turn, an upside down loop, anything.

I put the idea into my head that he had made a mistake, gone back to his player was but was sorry. I convinced myself that it was hard for him to change who he was and that he really regretted his mistake. Another up came my way after forgiving him, we were soaring up and around corners, through loops, and all the excitement that a roller coaster brings. That is, until I caught him a second time. This second drop was to a much worse degree then the first. The first had been a slow decline, but this second drop was right at the peek of the uphill climb and I went flying straight down with nothing to grab onto, just a rocky bottom awaiting me.

With players being so attractive and girls being idiots, I played the role of the idiot. Our roller coaster didn't end there because I thought it a good idea to give him a second chance, or a third chance in this case. The roller coaster was up and running again, on a slow crash course full of pain and nerves along the way.

The end of this roller coaster, the last stretch, consisted of more downs, and sharp terrifying turns and upside down loops then ups. Our relationship consisted of a paranoid girl and a nonchalant player. He didn't care at all, and I cared too much; a recipe for disaster. The roller coaster came to a stalling halt when the ride ended, this time for good. A third time, I caught him cheating. The only difference this time was that I saw it first hand, and couldn't ignore what I had witnessed.

I walked away from him that night, upset and hurt and swore to myself never to get on that roller coaster again. The experience had sent me up and down, good and bad, until coming to a final, stomach clenching, hard down fall with a final dead stop.

A player's persona is an impenetrable thing. Nothing can ever break it down, and nothing can with stand the effects it has. Just like a roller coaster, the ups and downs, turns and spins can never be broken, and no one can stop the fear they feel as they fall straight down, thinking they will crash and then finally coming back up from the depths to another twist, another up, another down. But eventually, the roller coaster slides into home, you get off and move on to the next one.

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