October 26, 2010
By Anonymous

In my life, I have had hardship more than any one I know. I have lost my mother, my father, and my child. They were the best parents, but they had bad habits of taking prescription pills. The habits hurt my sister and me for our whole lives. We loved them but wished that they had changed the habits for us. The love they gave us was like no other. They were nowhere close to being horrible parents, but they just couldn’t stop taking the pills. When my parents was messed up I had to make sure my little sister didn’t see how they acted. My parents were embarrassing when we were around other people. I learned how to not worrying about what they could be thinking about us. My parents didn’t understand how bad it hurt my sister and me when my mom would have an over dose, and go to the hospital for weeks. My sister and me were young so we didn’t relies as much. As we got older we knew what we had to do to keep our heads up.
My parents always made sure we had food, clothes, and any materials we needed. They also gave us all the love children could possibly need. When I was growing up I was more of a daddy’s girl. My dad and me always got along. When people saw my dad they would see me. That is, if I wasn’t in school. We always took rides on his motorbike together. He loved his bike like he loved a child. He would always wait on me to come home from school the days he was off, and we would go ride for hours. He could always make our family laugh. He was the heart of the family, and everyone loved him. He would always have something to say to hold a conversation. My dad was a good person to be around. He was a hard working man. He was exhausted at work, or when he was at home. His body was so beat up from drugs, and accidents that happened in his life. His heart couldn’t go anymore. He would fall asleep anywhere. He would work on his bike at night, and fall asleep outside. I would have to go check on him, and get him to his bed.
My mother stopped working when she went into labor with me. She wanted to stay home and take care of me. Then when my sister was born, she stayed home with us all the time and spoiled us. However, my dad had his heart attack and he couldn’t work any more. He was the boss of his construction business, but when he had his heart attack he went bankrupt. We went from a mansion to an apartment. My parents struggled for years, and it put stress on my parents. Finally when my parents were getting back on their feet, my dad passed away. It will be four years in March since he passed away, and two years since my mom passed away in May. My mom had a stroke, then a massive stroke, then a massive heart attack. This happened all with in two days. I didn’t know she was going through all this until she wouldn’t wake up one morning. I thought she was messed up off of pills, and that she was just sleeping for a while. When I would check on her she would wake up, so I thought she was ok. The next morning I woke up two hours earlier than normal for no reason. I went to check on her she wouldn’t wake up, but she was still breathing. We went to the hospital thinking she overdosed, but three hours later the doctors told us what happened to her body.

My family wishes all the time my mom and dad were here, but my family and me know that my parents are happy together in heaven. When my dad passed away, my mom passed away too, so we know they are happy. They are finally back together, with no pain and no worries. My family and me also know if they didn’t have the sickness of addiction, they could be here with my sister and I. That’s the only thing that keeps me going besides my little sister being here with me.
They are also with my baby girl, Alesia Grace. Since she passed away after being eighteen days old. She had a rare case of a Teratoma Tumor going around her neck. She also had cancer in the tumor. It causes her vocal box, lungs, arteries to her heart, and everything in her neck to not develop enough or at all. It has killed me. She was so beautiful. She was my angle, and my lifesaver. I don’t know where I would be today if all this wouldn’t have happened to me. I would probably not be in school, not care about anyone, not care about my future, and I would probably be on my own by now. I couldn’t even imagine how my life would be.

Some people take what happens to them and go crazy. What I have noticed is that everyone is here for a reason. I don’t know what mine is yet, but there is a reason for me to be here going through all these tragedies that would normally kill people. So for my parents, my sister, and myself I will be successful. I will try my hardest to not make the wrong choices, and live the life my parents would want me to live. For me to be successful it will complete my life. It will make my parents proud of me even more than they already are, and that’s all that matters in my heart.

The author's comments:
Its about the Hardship of my Life that i have gone through.

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