My first Bat Mizvah

October 21, 2010
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Storyline: I came to Miami to go to my first Bat Mitzvah, even of my cousin, whom I had no idea existed until now. But it turned out she was really nice. He name was Hannah (Richter) we became good friends. So the night before the ceremony, I went to a dinner and that’s how I met her. I also met her BFF who lived in New York city! We became Friends. Believe it or not, her name was also Hannah… So we has fun, I met all kinds of people. It was so much fun! I’ll call her BFF “H” Lol… So I went to the Bat Mitzvah the next day. It was in the morning, in a beautiful temple. H and her mom sat next to me. We had lots of fun! H helped me a lot. After a little while the service got a little boring, but I stayed interested. It’s funny how the whole thing was sang. It was followed by a lunch. With tons of sushi. Yummy! I hung out with H most of the time because Hannah was extremely busy! We then decided that I would go with H to her hotel to get ready for the masquerade ball. I had bought these wonderful, original (or so I thought) masks just for the party but when I got to the party masks, beautiful ones, way prettier than mine were set at every seat. They were gorgeous. So I wore those instead. It was so fun! I stayed with H a lot. The music and the DJ were amazing. I wore a long sparkly dress. I was a bit lonely being the only one wearing a long dress. But it was fine.I felt really special at theceremony of lighting, because she called me up to light a candle… There were professional dancers and lights, and ice cream bar, a buffet and even a photo booth where you could take unlimited free photos with friends or alone. I took some shots with H. The second time she left though, half way so I took 2 alone. Ha! ha! Oh well… Too bad I let her keep the best pix though. But that’s okay… my brother Ross ate all alone so we joined him for a little while it was so hilarious when I farted and some kids though it was someone on the upper floor. That was still embarrassing. But I was laughing so dam hard because H was singing and suddenly she stopped and blurted out, “I like dental care” Ross and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so random… None of the boys were hot or cute. Too bad. At one point I got into my depressed phase and sat alone crying. But some really sweet girls made me dance and I got better. I had a blast! Even though the food sucked. It’s snowing like crazy in DC so our flight was canceled! I hope Moushu’s ok because now we must stay in Miami another day! It’s so hot here! Wow! So we went to Hannah’s home to hang out I stayed with Hannah until 1am because Ross, dad and mama went to see “Avatar”. It’s supposed tobe a good movie. I just don’t feel like watching it. When I went with H back to her Hotel room. H found a movie on TV that we watched with interest called “taken” about girls that were kidnapped and forced to be slaves. It was very freaky. Anyway I hung out with Hannah and now I’m back at the house we were staying at. It’s like 2am now. Wow… what a weekend! So exiting! I’m angry though because I got into a fight with my family. I was crying. But that’s another story… Anyway,, as a present, we sent Hannah a debit card containing 200 dollars. Lucky her! I
have tons of masks now. Awesome! When I get home, I’m calling up H and Hannah and I’ll invite them!

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