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October 25, 2010
By , Littleton, CO
This I believe younger siblings are overlooked. I have one myself and have many times over looked her. She used to annoy me a lot, so I would tell her to stop and then she would cry because she was so sensitive. Everyone else pick on their younger siblings; I do admit I did pick on her sometimes. Now I don’t have to pick on her, I can just tell her to stop and she will. We get along really well now. When she was in Kindergarten every one would say, “ Your sister is such a cry baby.” It is wrong to agree with them, and I never did. My new goal is to not over look her anymore.

Some of us have more than one younger sibling, and some of us just have one. Then there are people who have siblings in High School or College. Alongside of that, some people don’t have siblings at all. I know that I am lucky to have at least one. Apart from that, when people ask me “ Is that your sister?” I am really happy that I can say yes. M---- is the reason I look forward to going home at the end of the day.

In some movies and TV shows they are the best of friends. Against them, in others they fight like cats and dogs. I believe that it is easier to disrespect your younger siblings than it is to respect them. It takes a lot of effort to be respectful to them, but it’s worth the shot. I try a lot but then, I forget. Being nice to her is never at the front of my mind. Therefore, it is very difficult to remember to be nice. I hear many people complain about their younger siblings. Within what I have observed many younger siblings are boys. For what I understand, apparently younger boy siblings are harder to cope with. Some people may disagree.

Since I have written this piece, I have tried to be more respectful to my younger sister. I was thinking back and I used to think that she was the worst thing ever. We would always bicker back and forth. It would drive my mom insane. Then, I realized that it hurt just as much when M----- shot it right back at me. Therefore, I try not to bicker back and forth with her anymore.

M----- gets picked on sometimes at school. So when that happens I want to be there for her. Even if your younger siblings are a pain in the neck, it’s nice to be there for them every once in a while. Especially when they have a bad day. If you do that, they might be there for you on one day that you have a bad day.

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