Rolling With the Punches

October 25, 2010
By eatsleepswim112344 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
eatsleepswim112344 BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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As I drag my feet home thinking to myself what’s it gonna be today? When I approach the porch ,taking breaths, I look down at the door knob senselessly looking right into my future. In front of the bright red front door my fingers grasp the cold silver knob. Turning it slowly I walk into what I expected. The yelling and screaming is a typical day but that strange sense was still gnawing at me.

My parents mouths were blabbering at what seemed to be 100mph. I quickly run up the creaky oak stairs into my cold room. Loud steps come sprinting up the stairs after me and my heavy door swings open fast. My mom runs in with tears in her eyes gives me a quick hug slaps on her leather coat that she had been holding. Despite her leaving I could still smell the sweet aroma of her crisp Georgeo perfume.The steps continue back down the stairs and the door slams hard shut giving me a jolt.

Aside from my parents the silence was I like opening a soda that quick pop then pure silence. I cautiously walk down the stairs and walk into my dad plopped down holding his head firmly. The way he sat reminded me of death, his posture and the way he looked in general. Me being curious asked what happened. My strong willed father took in a deep breath and spoke softly but could still see the anger and fury in his eyes. Apart from being aroused he spoke with gentle grace.

At this moment I felt fright fill me up like a glass of water. Feelings of chills swallowed me up whole. There was nothing but silence in the room. This iron curtain gave me time to catch up and gather myself. I felt like I was a piece of paper and was torn up into millions of tiny scraps and scattered around the room and I was running around the room trying to fit them back together. The thought of divorce just sent chills up my spine.

I raced to my younger sister’s room and opened her door and and peeked my head in.
Gently I spoke,” Are you alright?”

She returned a glance at me and said, “No I’m scared!”

I looked deeply into her beautiful pale blue eyes and with pure maturity I said, “ Don’t be I am here for you whenever you need anything.”

The tears stormed down her soft face like a rushing waterfall. Her blissful voice filled the area like a toxic fume, “Thank you.”

The author's comments:
This is very personal and i hope you feel the sadness i felt

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