October 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Mostly every week I go and hang out with my cousins. We always have so much fun! I have four cousins and we do so many things while I'm there. Kickball, dancing around, walk to Starbucks these are things we do. There’s always so much to do. We can never decide on one thing to start off with.

My cousin Cydnie is joyful, she might be a little bossy sometimes but she’s the best. Along with Jordyn, she loves to play soccer. Always thinking about others before herself. She is one little sweet heart. Alyssa, is a ball full of energy all the time. She always wants to do something fun. Last but not least Dominic or Little D is always fun to be around he always loves a good game of kickball. He is really fun to be around with.

Together with everyone we play kickball in the front yard or in the street. Really competitive we run for the bases. Everyone keeping an eye on the bright silver ball. Running on the bright white bases trying not to get an out. People watching, keeping score, waiting for someone to win. When someone finally wins we take a break then get back out there and play again. We play as long as we want or until we cant see the ball anymore.

As the sun goes down it gets really dark out and we go inside and let our dance moves out. Playing, blasting music we run around downstairs in the basement. When we do this I think we are gong to wake up the whole neighborhood. Dancing along to the music we go crazy, doing stunts, and tricks that no one would do.

In the mornings when we wake up bright and early, we walk to Starbucks or we ride our bikes. Messing around in the mornings on our way there. People always laugh at us when we break down in our dance moves. Getting to Starbucks its easy to order cause we go there so much. The workers all know our names cause we are there so often. So every time we go they say hi. This is why I always have fun at my cousins house.

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