New World

October 25, 2010
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Removed from your life, plucked like a flower petal,and just to be placed somewhere else. All your friends disappeared from the face of the earth.This is how I felt gone, disappeared, forgotten. I’m at least two states away from my home, and now I'm gone from all I know. Different malls, shoes, store, no more H-E-B, I’m lost. What should I do, new kids, posies, schools.I was bombarded with these simple thoughts.

Our new neighborhood, silent, no kids in sight. Until, I met Jessica she was slightly taller than me and long golden hair,her face was wide and stalky. In addition, we immediately became friends. My mother and hers had very similar lives and had became friends. Between,our families they resembled each other like no other. Jessica happened to be going to the same school as me, I never thought Colorado would have been a lot of fun.

Outside of the moment things started to role down hill, she seemed to not like people telling her to not like someone telling her to stop or not to do something. Aside from not being able to say stop she was throwing stuff at people and call them names. Concerning her attitude my mom says she might have low self-esteem. This is why she acts out and yells at people, but in order to not she needs someone to need her.

I start to wonder why shes getting rid of one of her best friends. Between being her friend or not I’m starting to lean towards not.

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