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October 25, 2010
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That skateboarders are negatively portrayed. People who see skateboarders think we all do evil things like smoking. Some skateboarders smoke and that doesn’t mean we all do but people still think they do because they skateboard. A reason people think all skateboarders smoke is because skateboarders skating on the streets smoke.

Despite how other people might feel rude and disrespectful skateboarders chip sidewalks and make people furious and the kind respectful skateboarders are the ones left to blame. Skateboarders are always mean and give us bad reputation. Some skateboarders in the street are ungrateful and mean to other people which makes them furious with us. For example people were skating at Snied’s Smoke Shack and got me and my friends kicked out since we had skateboards. When they break things were the ones that get kicked out of that area.

Some Skaters skate wherever and whenever and use what ever they want to skate. They skate handrails, benches, and chairs and than we we ride are skateboards to a place and just do a simple trick and they instantly think were than ones who skated here before than were the ones that get punished. When my friends and I go to stores or restaurants with are skateboards people give us a evil stares.

On account of rude disrespectful skateboarders people see smoking or being rude they look at every skateboarder they don’t know the same way. People no matter what will always look at skateboarders negatively and I think it’s disrespectful because not all skateboarders smoke or drink. I think people should think a little differently about skateboarders they don’t know. Among the good ones there are a lot of bad skate boarders. Prior to this fact, people should not look at every skater the same as they look at the rude skaters. Throughout time skateboarders should be treated better and not always looked at in a negative way.

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