Dirt Biking!

October 25, 2010
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One week out of the summer I traveled deep into the Rocky Mountains. This whole trip I learned how to ride a dirt bike. At first i learned the basics, the throttle, brake, and gearshift. After I learned what everything did I took it for a ride down the road. Starting out slow I gradually got faster until I couldn’t go any faster, I pulled the gear shift up with my foot. I continued to twist the throttle back and go faster. Making sure I kept pulling back the throttle and shifting gears until I broke out into top speed. In less than 30 seconds I was back to the cabin. Underneath the handlebars, I twisted the key backwards until I heard the engine die out. Then, I jumped off the bike and pushed the kickstand out with my foot to prop the bike up. This concluded my first ride.

The next day we woke up, ate breakfast, and took another ride on the dirt bike. This time I didn’t have help. Pulling out the kick start I slammed my foot down on it; hearing the engine roar to life. I straddled the bike, pushed down the gearshift, and took off down the road. But this time, I went further, all the way down to the first cabin. I rode over many bumps and rocks, but never fell down. Soon after, I returned. We went back up to the cabin and finished off our day.

After a good night sleep, the next morning we had a simple breakfast out on the deck. We refilled the gas tank on the bike and unloaded our golf-cart and two more bikes. We warmed up the bike and road to a camp ground just down the road. Turned in, and then turned onto a trail. This wasn’t a beginner trail it can be considered a hard trail. With rocks and sand everywhere. I only fell once, and it wasn’t really a fall, it was more me tipping over and then back up in a sand pile. The entire ride was 18 miles, and I rode the whole way.

This was the most interesting ride of the trip. It began as a narrow, almost impossible, rocky road. After you powered over this stretch of space you came to another tricky area, a creek, not a small one, I’m talking about a creek that engulfed almost half of the bike, with rocks at the bottom. We made it through with ease. However, my feet and half of the bike were soaked. We stopped to dry everything off, and then got going again. Beyond this, we came to, not huge, but big rocks bulging out of the ground. We got around this obstacle. But now there was a fence with a small ramp that we rode over. The big boulders continued until the trail let out to the road back to the cabin.

Sadly, this upcoming day was our last. We loaded the bike on out trailer first, and then the golf-cart and we tied them all down. Our heavy suitcases were loaded into the back of our truck. Next, we pushed the dog’s kennels into the back of the truck and checked the cabin for missing belongings. We put the lock back on the bear-safe door and closed up the windows. We loaded ourselves and our dogs into the cab of the truck and started the four hour journey home. This is not my last adventure with dirt bikes, I will return here next summer for more fun!

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