October 24, 2010
By Anonymous

“Ahhh! Look out!” screamed Abigale and Victoria. “Don’t worry I won’t run into anyone!” Sammi said convincingly. My most favorite memory with my best friends or sisters as we call each other is at the American Coed National Pageant in 2009 during our day in Disney. Since I had a sprained ankle and still had competition my Mom and Dad decided to rent me a wheelchair for go around Disney in. That day turned out to be a very funny day!!

“Don’t run into that pole Sammi! Ahhh!!” screamed Abigale. Well it was kind of funny how I had Miss Florida A.K.A. Sammi pushing me around! At first she was pushing me with the Miss American Princess 2009 Abigale Evans on my lap. Sammi wasn’t the best at “driving” the wheelchair, but she did rename it… ”The Cripple Mobile” Also, it was funny going through every line a different way than everybody else!

After the picture in front of the castle Miss Florida Jr. Teen and Teen put the Miss Sunshine State Teen in a cheerleading stunt where I was the back spot and Sammi was the front spot. After that we went on the Buzz Lightyear ride which was pretty funny when Amanda won! No one believed her on her score. Good thing she took a picture of it with her phone! Also, it was fun to see all our banners glow on the ride because of the lights. But that wasn’t my favorite part of the ride. My favorite part was the spinning while shooting at impossible targets!

After that ride we all wanted to go on the Haunted Mansion but that kind of didn’t happen…. Reagan, Sammi S., Shawnte, and I got split up from our parents, Amanda and Sammi P. Then after that Amanda and Sammi P. got split up from the parents. But luckily we all found each other again! So we went over to the Bakery on Main Street. While we were sitting there one of the workers there came up and gave us a HUGE cookie! We decided that we would give it to Miss Patty! After the Bakery Sammi S. and I went over to Splash Mountain. We waited in line until Amanda, Reagan, Shawnte, and Sammi P. came over to us and cut the WHOLE line! We were able to skip the rest of the line once we got to the stairs. Then, we sat with Amanda, Reagan, and Sammi P. in the 1st row and then Sammi S., Shawnte, and me in the 2nd row. The last two rows were filled with 3 friendly ladies.

The last event we did was take pictures by a Christmas display. At that point we were wondering why we were taking after Splash Mountain while its raining! Oh well we still Kind of came out good. Well I hope you enjoyed a shortened version of a shortened version of my day in Disney with my best friends! Wait no I hope you enjoyed my story of my day in Disney with my SISTERS!

The author's comments:
I've been competing in pageants for a couple of years now. And a lot of times people think that pageant girls are mean to each other an just see each other as competition. But I've had a different experience that I really wanted to share. Thanks to pageants, I've made life long friends all over the country. And I can always count on them.

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