Not Judging Books by Their Cover

October 24, 2010
By Anonymous

I've never seen this side of him. The side where he actually gives a shit about how his life is going to turn out. I never thought he had an emotional side to him. Even after five months of dating and spending everyday together I have never seen him like this. It was 10:30 at nightand him and I decided to roll a blunt and enjoy the warm fall night. As soon as we lit it and both took a hit or two we felt comfortable. We sat back in our lawn chairs and thats when our conversation started. He confessed how at the age of 19 he still feels like he's 14. He explained how when he was 14 and before he even knew what drugs really were he started his drug experiences. How after that for 4 straight years he was addicted and he missed 4 years of life. 4 years of being a teenager and how all of a sudden when he was sent to rehab he realized how old he was and how much of his life he had screwed up. How he had to grow up all at once. Tears flooded his face and he explained how he wanted to stay away from the drugs. He explained how marijuana was the only thing he wanted to keep from his past because it calmed him down and didn't sheild him from life. He confessed how much he loves me and wanted somebody to help him keep his life straightened out. He made me promise him to not let him fall back into his past and to help keep him on track and I promised to help him. I'm proud of him. I never knew that he felt so strongly about this and it made me happy.

The author's comments:
I've never met anybody that became this comfortable with me.

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