Natural Slection in High School

October 24, 2010
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As teens, do we use Natural Slection? Well I think us teens do, we just dont think about it and how it effects are life. On the first day of school is when we tend to used it more the ever. For example you walk into the lunch room and you see and lonely,reseverd girl sitting by her self,. To minutes you see and pretty girl talking to her freinds.Who do you choose to sit with? About 70% will sit with the pretty girl, because she is popular and pretty, so the leaves 30% of the teens will sit with the lonely girl, because she is by her self. Even when we pick are boyfriends/ girlfriends we tend to put the natrual selction into use. Most teens have standard like if they are cute, have a car, and are well known. But do we use Natrual Slection as a mirror to ourselves and society? If you turn on your tv, you might see they news reporters are porobly talking about a celeb. They might be saying the celeb was cought doing something they shouldnt be doing. Sometihng made those Jurnalist want to write or talk about that celeb. So every teen,adult,and child uses Natural Selection.

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