October 22, 2010
Negativity is bothersome for a myriad of reasons; nearly always resulting in more troublesome issues, it can be compared to a zombie outbreak. Negative thoughts, despite being small time compared to a positive thought, are simpler to conceive and accept versus its counterpart. A negative outlook ne'er solves a problem better than an optimistic one could, and few people realize the influence they have on what surrounds them as they spread their disdain like a virus. Living pessimistically breeds genuine lethargy, a lack of motivation, and is unhealthy and unpleasant to be around, also like zombies.

Laziness in itself is another pet peeve of mine, and it grows readily from negativity. I recently saw a commercial for a show recording couples as they renovate their own homes, showing even the worst moments. Amongst the clips was one distraught couple who dropped oven they were wheeling to the garage; rather than considering an intelligent solution, they started bawing about it, and instantly decided to buy a new one. The only damage done to the oven was a scratch on the door handle and a crooked drawer, something that would have taken minimal effort to fix. The stress of their work brought them to that conclusion, and this is a commonly portrayed attitude these days. A small amount of effort can save us any noticeable amount of money or time, and even provide a degree of experience. Laziness is a prominently developing problem for countries everywhere, noting our obesity derpidemic. Also the imminent zombie apocalypse.

A secondary effect of pessimism is a potent lack of motivation, be it for work or something as trivial as movement. Negativity saps a person's willpower, leaving them heavy-chested, discontent, and perfect targets for zombies, assuming this is 28 Days Later or Dead Snow. Even still their worries will suddenly begin to pile up, dammed in the channels of their mind, and they won't notice that the wooden planks on the front door could only hold zombies for so long. The anxiety from that is enough to stop the most focused in their tracks. This in itself is a whirlpool of disdain, continually creating a convoluted spiral of negativity. Honestly it's a plain nuisance, and I'd rather you went off to a corner elsewhere to baw about rather than making so much noise while I'm trying to hide.

Last but not least, what I think is this most significant aspect of negativity, is how it affects the overall health of your mind and body. (YES, YOU. BRAINS.) I've learned over time, granted I've experienced only so much, that a positive thought is leagues more powerful than a negative, yet the latter takes much less effort to permeate your brains, sort of like a zombie. Stress is a prime example of this, as it exists as pure negativity in and of itself. Letting your work get the better of you is the start of the negative chain, followed by that aforementioned lack of motivation and then anxiety, these thoughts have been proven again and again to be out right hazardous to your wellbeing (zombie reference). The one fact that few people have realized, is that thinking positively has a physical effect on yourself and on the world around you. Force a smile on the worst of days, and your brain will release those derpy little feel-good endorphins, even if the smile wasn't authentic.
All in all it will have taken a small amount of effort to defend yourself from negativity and zombies, but you'll be much better off. It's even more important over an extended period of time, and when you have those moments where you just want to curl up in a ball under a bed, don't. Zombies will know. That's when this outlook matters the most; when you feel like you're too down to attempt being happy, similar to having to get up early and be a champion when it's so much easier to go back to sleep and be lame. Keep it up and by the end of the day you and the janitor will be joy riding down a freeway in an ambulance fortified better than the average aircraft carrier.

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