Different School Different Life

October 20, 2010
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One of the most important things in life is family no matter what happens, how old you get they will always be there whether you have good relationship with them or not. When I was growing up, life was, to say the least, odd. Coming from a Hispanic heritage would be difficult for most but it really didn’t seem to faze me. I remember being little and coming home from the first day of school. I was so happy because I got to meet new people and it was my first time ever being in a mostly white school. The first day I went to school was in Florida so being up in Michigan was a whole new experience for me. Going back to that day, I was happy and tired but looking at my brothers I saw that my experience had not been the same. I was little and was scared to ask what was wrong because I had grown up hearing that men shouldn’t be girly and talk about feelings. Later on in life, I learned that was true and only women should talk about feelings, cook and clean because they say that there better at it and men are better at other things like running, business or having good jobs. Later on that night, after I had taken a quick nap, I over heard my brother crying to my mom that his day had gone terrible and he did not want to go back. My mother asked why, he said just because he was different. I walked in and told him to shut up because he should be a man and just suck it up. My mom then slapped me over the head and told me to leave so I did. I was still listening as she told him that where ever you go, no matter what you try to do, people are always going to hate something or someone just because of the way they look. I could tell just by the way my brother talked that he did not understand. In our old school, even if there was a white kid, which rarely ever happened, no one teased him or made fun of him. We all treated him or her by what they did, not what they looked like. My mother all my life would teach me right form wrong when ever I my brothers where in trouble I would always try to be there for them. my mother was one of the biggest things in my life my dad always tries to give us everything that we want and he does a pretty good job because there are 8 of us one gone cause he decided to go off with his girl friend to a college but he forgot one things which was family , and now he calls saying that he needs this and that my other brothers and I learned from him and we are some what close.

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