October 20, 2010
By Rae13 BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
Rae13 BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
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The warm summer day was perfect for fishing. As I was thinking this my brother walked in with hi s fishing pole and put it on the porch leading to our yard. As he has opened the door my dog had took the opportunity to run outside into the yard. That was the moment when everything started going wrong.

We heard yelping at the porch door. To my surprise Pippin wasn’t sitting there waiting for me to open the door. Instead he was at the bottom of the steps rolling and screaming. At first I thought he was playing until I saw Keefer’s fishing lure hooked in two different spots on his legs. The first was in the front paw of his left foot and the second was on his back right leg. As I looked him over I realized that I had to do something immediately to get him out of his pain. The only problem was that I had absolutely no idea what to do.

My neighbor, Lanie, was dumbfounded and hadn’t a clue what to do. She told us to call our mom. When I started telling her what was wrong she gave advice. The first thing she said to do was to take him to Ted, a man that lived in a house across the street. He wanted to take out the one that was in his back right leg but he was not sure how deep it was and did not want to put Pippin into any more pain. He decided to call my mom. We got into Ted’s car and drove to the vet as she called and told them that we would be coming with Pippin who needed to be helped.
As we walked into the vet’s office they said that we could walk right into the vet’s office and he would be in right away. He looked at him and made the decision to carefully take out the hooks. After he finished he prescribed us the medicine that he would need to take to avoid infections. The medicines overtime healed his wounds. Over all, he has fully recovered since and there is no reminisce of the incident.

The author's comments:
I was about 8 years old when this happend and my brother, keefer, was about 10.

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