Princess Louey

October 20, 2010
By Anonymous

When I was three or four years old I didn’t have a sibling yet. I always wanted a sibling because I had no one to play with. Then my parents got me a cat. I named her Princess Louey. She was an all white cat with red eyes. I was so happy to get this cat. Sometimes when I would be watching television on the coach she would come and lay with me, a couple times we both feel asleep.
Then we got even better news, my mom got pregnant and had my little sister Tori. I got to keep Louey for a little while after Tori was born. A little bit after Tori was born and home, Louey grew jealous of Tori. She started bothering her, and waking her up when she was sleeping. Louey also started acting out. My parents said we couldn’t have Louey around anymore because she might hurt Tori. Furthermore, I was also getting allergies. The decision was made by my parents to have Louey adopted by another family.

I was very sad that we had to give Louey away. I didn’t like giving my cat away and now instead of having a cat I’m stuck with my little sister. To make matters worse my sister has six cats and I sometimes have to take care of them for her!

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